Gwen is very patient and understanding of what Ms. P. needs and wants. When I first started caring for her, Ms. P. was always in a wheelchair. She would take two steps from the wheelchair to her bed, and four steps from the wheelchair to the bathroom. Other than that, she stayed in her wheelchair. Gwen worked with a Physical Therapist and Visiting Nurse to set up an approved exercise program for Ms. P. to do from her wheelchair to build up the muscles in her legs so that she could start walking again. Due to the care and perseverance of Gwen, Ms. P. is now walking all the time with the use of her walker and no longer uses the wheelchair.

Gwen, is the person to call when you not only want the job done but you want it done exceptionally!  She is caring, exciting, exhilarating, professional, and so extremely creative. What an incredibly gifted entrepreneur.  If she doesn't know how this morning, she will definitely know how this evening!

A truly creative, caring genius!

Karen M. Brown
Executive Director, NATASHA House

I am a Registered Nurse Case Manager. Approximately a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Gwen, who was the primary caregiver for one of my patient’s that I case managed in the home. This patient had recently had an acute hospitalization for respiratory failure and was oxygen dependent. She had little energy to perform tasks and required 24-hour supervision for safety. Mrs. Meharg was my primary point of contact in regards to this patient. She was the person that ensured all of her needs were met, she made sure she had her medicines, received her therapy (and practiced the exercises in the off-time), she made her meals, ensured she ate healthy, well-balanced meals that were optimal for her disease process, and she made sure she was well-taken care of.

Overall, when it comes to caregivers, Gwen was by far one of the best caregivers I have seen. Anyone she cares for would be lucky to have her. She is a patient advocate and will always do right by patients and their families. I highly recommend her and if I had a loved one that needed to be cared for, she would be the one I would call. She is very knowledgeable and caring and truly a blessing and an asset to those that she meets. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Maryann Whittaker, RN
Registered Nurse
Gwen is a unique individual to work with. I worked with Gwen a little over a year and from the moment she joined our team, she challenged everyone to give exceptional customer service. She was always positive and went out of her way to please all of our clients with a professional manner.
Angela Zaharopoulos
When it comes to professionalism Gwendolyn gives her all and always goes above and beyond to give 100% and more. Gwen is very dependable and as long as I’ve known Gwen it has been an honor to often times work beside her and see all the many goals she has achieved and will continue to achieve!

Monet Reid